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Nuestra Soledad

Directed by Esteban Giraldo



Ana González (20) a beautiful, vigorous, and strong-willed young peasant woman, only have eyes for the two most important people of her world: Joaquin (56) her father, a little town marketplace owner that only has her in his life and the young private Camilo Alegria (22), the radio man of a colombian army squad, who has made her love promises full of joy and hope after war ends.

Alegria’s squad receives orders to retire from Ana’s town -El Aro, North of Antioquia-. They proceed without knowing that with its withdrawal, they opened the door for a slaughter of the paramilitaries who effectively massacre the peasants of the region and left Joaquin, his father-in-law, fatally wounded.

After the attack ends, Ana faces the reality and decides to run away carrying her agonizing father on the back and getting into a path of loneliness and danger to the next safe town to find some help.