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Nocaut / Knockout

Directed by Jose Varón 

Produced by Maria Paula Hernández

Nocaut tells the process of training of Yilmar an Afro Colombian fighter, 25 years of age, that aspires to win the National title of his weight class: 56Kg. 

Following step by step the problems of this period of time that goes from preparation in 2016 until after the national championship at the end of 2018 almost 8 months after the birth of Yilmar’s firstborn (That today is recently born).

We follow Yilmar through his harsh feeding and training rutines , long days where he trains twice a day and goes to the cementery to work as a gardener. A very underpaid job that leaves him with a strange satisfaction.

Always with Eliana Medina, his girlfriend, his friends from the block, his siblings, his mother , his dad and aunt, Yilmar transist the days powered by a childhood dream, being a champion and the pride of his neighborhood and family. Yilmar is not afraid of death but of oblivion.