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Nadie nos mira / Nobody’s Watching


A movie directed by Julia Solomonoff (2017)

Produced by Travesia Producciones (Argentina) / Taiga Filmes e Video (Brazil) / MadLove (Colombia)

Nico Lenke leaves a promising acting career in Argentina, after a tumultuous break-up with his producer. He lands in New York, lured into believing that his talent will help himfind success“on his own” and prove his self-worth. But that’s not what he finds.

Too blond to play Latino, his accent too strong to play anything else, Nico falls through the cracks, and must juggle odd jobs to survive: from renting apartments for tourists, to waitressing, and working as a male nanny.

Unwilling to return home and be seen as a failure, Nico manages to stay afloat thanks to his ability to pretend to be something he isn’t. But he gets lost in his own lies/ masks. Theo, the baby he cares for, becomes his only genuine affection.

The film explores the pleasures of freedom and anonymity of modern urban migrations and its reverse side: the loneliness and isolation of rootlessness. Nadie nos mira is an unusual immigrant story, it’s about identity and belonging, it explores the unexpected gains that “failure” can provide and the realization that actual success lies in the journey of self-discovery.



“We shot the movie in six weeks, distributed along four seasons in New York and Buenos Aires, in Spanish, English and French, with a lot of freedom and flexibility, with a solid script but also open to incorporate the unexpected. Working with a small crew helped capturing the energy of the city, its locations and stark contrasts in weather. It was a young and enthusiastic team, with crew and talent from several nationalities, diversity of accents and a wide range of skills that made the experience unique and unforgettable”.