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I Love Zombies

I Love Zombies by César Oropeza

Comic Book / Novel / Feature Film / Web Series / Premium Series x 10 chapters 

I LOVE ZOMBIES is bar far one of the most interesting properties of the ever popular zombie horror genre with a brand marketing position that has already been started. I LOVE ZOMBIES will soon kick off with an online YOUTUBE channel where a zombie documentary will approach the audience to the zombie way of living after apocalypse.

In addition to the re-publishing of the graphic novel/comic series that are illustrated by the talented Marcelo Pont, Goya Award Winning as Production Designer of The Secret of their Eyes. 

A premium series bible is also available, that will come after the feature film – our back door pilot – for complete series. 


I Love Zombies takes place in the not too distant future, somewhere in what’s left of Latin America. The south these days seems to have changed a lot, both in weather and civilization.

In this desolated landscape, The Reverend, an unscrupulous middle range officer from the Central Government, decides to set up a clandestine operation consisting of an expedition inside the old city infested by zombies to steal valuable objects from the dead (watches, jewelry, electronic gadgets) and bringing at least 13 zombie heads, “still fresh and biting”.

The mission will be performed by a rag tag bunch of conscripts all eager to make some money from the marginalized surroundings of Shelter #337 (the shelters are walled towns where the wealthiest can comfortably live, isolated from the threat posed by zombies).

Two intertwined stories result from this, showing this post-apocalyptic world’s vicious and cruel character.

The first story, tell us about KID, a young man traumatized because of the death of his family to a horde of cannibal corpses. He finds himself trying to keep a beautiful young woman alive: GREY EYES that happens to be her survival sister. She is badly wounded, and might or might not be infected with the virus that turns common people into zombies.

The other story features LOVER, a skilled zombie hunter whose survival techniques go beyond pragmatism and fully into assassination. This man claims to love zombies and justifies his homicidal behavior by saying:

“I love Zombies because you always know exactly what to expect from them… While with people… You just never know.”